Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative

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GCVC Vision

GCVC envisions a community with universal voter registration and 100 percent voter participation where multigenerational voters are educated and empowered to improve their civic health, respect inclusive democracy, and promote the common good. 

GCVC Mission

The Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative (GCVC) works to advance non-partisan, civic, and electoral engagement in Greater Cincinnati through a collective empowerment model. We see ourselves as a convener, connector, incubator, educator, and activator for the region’s civic and voter-based organizations and advocates. 

Cheers to Cincy, Past and Present!


  • Racial Equity - Identifying disparities in the democratic process, and prioritizing and engaging underserved and disenfranchised communities.
  • Civic Education - Increasing the understanding of “how government works” and why civic participation is important and meaningful to each individual.
  • Voter Accessibility - Providing opportunities that increase access to voting for all.
  • Building Capacity in the Democratic System - Leveraging community members, assets and institutions for greater engagement in the electoral process.
  • Accountability - Monitoring democratic institutions and processes to ensure that community members have access, transparency and engagement with the system.

History of GCVC

The Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative (GCVC) formed in the Spring of 2020 out of necessity to help voters navigate the changing dynamics and ambiguity of voting in the general election during COVID-19. Beginning with a core group of organizations, GCVC worked fluidly to break down Cincinnati’s civic engagement silos, ultimately building a collaborative of 54 civic-minded organizations to help amplify safe, reliable, and nonpartisan voter resources and engagement throughout the region.

As the first of its kind voter collaborative in Greater Cincinnati, GCVC worked to build a powerful coalition of community partners who together hosted various voter education, training and outreach events, engaged citizens in voter registration, organized a transportation to the polls initiative, and built an online, comprehensive voter resource, all within a 6-month time frame using volunteer capacity and in-kind community resources.

We successfully accomplished these tasks together, without a grantor and with mostly volunteer leadership. Building off the collaborative’s 2020 successes, GCVC continues to empower voters and add collective impact value to a much needed sustainable civic and electoral engagement infrastructure in Cincinnati.