Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative

Effective starting in May 2023, Ohio has new photo ID laws for voting.

Currently, the only valid forms of ID for voting are:

• an Ohio drivers license
• an Ohio state ID
• a current US passport
• US military ID
• Ohio National Guard ID
• US Dept of Veterans Affairs ID

All identification must be unexpired. Interim ID from the Ohio BMV is also acceptable.

You may no longer use any of the following as voting ID:

• a utility bill
• a bank statement
• a government or payroll check
• student ID
• county veteran ID
• concealed carry license

Anyone who doesn’t currently have a valid photo ID for voting can get a free Ohio state ID card from any BMV office.

If you need help gathering the documents you need to get a voter ID, contact the nonpartisan organization Vote Riders at 866-ID-2-VOTE or at