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Download Our Voter Engagement Toolkit

Check out our digital and printable resources: official forms as well as voting references, tools, and info.

Other Volunteer Options

Volunteer with the Board of Elections or our partners.

Become a Poll Monitor

Work with Election Protection via the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition to monitor voting locations during early voting or on election day.

Become a Precinct Election Official

The Board of Elections always needs people to work at voting locations on election day (and during early voting). Responsibilities include setting up the voting location, checking in voters, and maintaining a nonpartisan voting environment. Precinct election officials must attend a four-hour training, work two hours the evening before election day, and work from 5:30am to 8:30pm on election day itself. Precinct election officials are paid for their time.


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Ensuring everyone has the right and access to vote is vital to a healthy and thriving democracy, especially in local elections, which have the most direct impact on voters’ lives. Action Tank is thrilled to be a part of this crucial collaborative to help further the vote in the Cincinnati region.

    Action Tank

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    The volunteers and people at events were inspiring and hopeful for our democracy

      Denny Whelan


      GCVC gave us all a chance to contribute to safe and fair elections in the Cincinnati community

        Sarah O'Reilly