Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative

Printable Docs & Info Sheets

⬇︎ 2024 Voting Calendar

All the dates for registration, absentee ballots, early voting, and election day. Single page.

⬇︎ Issues & Offices

How elected offices at all levels (local to federal) affect common issues, like housing, jobs, income, schools, etc.
Ten pages.

⬇︎ Free Rides to Vote Flyer

Printable flyer with information on requesting a no-cost ride to vote early or on election day. Prints two per page.

⬇︎ Incarcerated & Returning Citizens

You have a right to vote unless you are in prison for a felony conviction. Learn more with this flyer. Single page.

⬇︎ Why Vote?

A single page of statements surrounding issues that make voting important.

⬇︎ School Voting Poster

A letter-size poster featuring the basics of voting for students.

Social Media Graphics

⬇︎ Free Ride to Vote Social Media Post

How to request a no-cost ride to vote early or on election day. Social media post.

⬇︎ Register & Vote at 17 Social Media

How 17-year-olds can register and vote if they will be 18 by the November general election. Social media post.

Other Resources

⬇︎ How to Design Impactful Voter Education Materials

From our partner All Voting Is Local and from Center for Civic Design. Download this slideshow on how to create effective voter education materials.

GCVC Impact Reports & Info Docs

⬇︎ 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 mission, goals, and progress.

⬇︎ GCVC in One Page

A single-page explainer of GCVC's mission, goals, and partners.