Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative

Printable Docs & Info Sheets

⬇︎ 2024 Voting Calendar

All the dates for registration, absentee ballots, early voting, and election day. Single page.

⬇︎ Issues & Offices

How elected offices at all levels (local to federal) affect common issues, like housing, jobs, income, schools, etc.
Ten pages.

⬇︎ Free Rides to Vote Flyer

Printable flyer with information on requesting a no-cost ride to vote early or on election day. Prints two per page.

⬇︎ Incarcerated & Returning Citizens

You have a right to vote unless you are in prison for a felony conviction. Learn more with this flyer. Single page.

⬇︎ Why Vote?

A single page of statements surrounding issues that make voting important.

⬇︎ School Voting Poster

A letter-size poster featuring the basics of voting for students.

Social Media Graphics

⬇︎ Free Ride to Vote Social Media Post

How to request a no-cost ride to vote early or on election day. Social media post.

⬇︎ Register & Vote at 17 Social Media

How 17-year-olds can register and vote if they will be 18 by the November general election. Social media post.

GCVC Impact Reports & Info Docs

⬇︎ 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 mission, goals, and progress.

⬇︎ GCVC in One Page

A single-page explainer of GCVC's mission, goals, and partners.